Sad Chlollie won’t be in the comics for awhile don’t get the nastiness against us fans who are upset . how would fans of the other characters feel if they were out of it for 6 months. Let us vent atleast your fav characters are still in it

I don’t blame Henry for his issues with Regina  She is the evil queen he’s going to have issues with her  . He loves her but cannot accept the horrible things she has done.I blame the adults for not guiding him and accepting that regina is his mother and that henry needs her despite his anger. They all encourage it badmouthing her in front of him . not realizing its causing him more issues .

I blame Emma for coming into his life and her constantly undermining Regina even before the secrets were revealed. The charming’s for trying to undermine the fact regina raised him . And yes Regina who is not making things easy .But I can’t blame Henry for being lost and not knowing which way to turn,the charming’s act like his friend he hasn’t had a parent since lost Regina who at least tried giving him boundaries.

Love Regina, i hope she finds love (romantic or otherwise) . Don’t agree with alot of what she’s done but I understand why . She’s a lost girl who was surrounded by people who only wanted and saw the bad side of her . She’s needs a lover or friend who is not after anything and sees the goodness she was encouraged to bury.

Can’t believe  how much the charming family are helping screw up Henry .Talking about killing his mum in front off him is not right.He’s a child ignore his tantrum act like the parents/grandparents instead of friends and keep him out of it .No child should be put in the position to choose between the life of his mum or nan. Bet when he’s a screwed up adult they’ll blame it on Regina ignoring their part in it. 


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Queen Regina and love.

Oh that me cry . I want to hug her

Why SwanQueen Should Be Cannon


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“No matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I do love you.”

I am an evil regal

I am a dearie

I am a dearie